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September 2020 

We've Got You Covered 

We’ve just replenished our stock of NASA Instrument covers, holding a great supply to meet growing demand during the Autumn season. 
These popular products are available now, with our promise of swift, reliable dispatch. 

Blakes Service Kits Now In 

The Spares Marine relationship with Blakes goes back a long way. 
Whether we’re talking toilets or seacocks there’s a comprehensive and far reaching knowledge here at central office. 
We’re always on hand to help Blakes customers find what they need. Solving problems, advice with quick fixes and of course, swift, seamless supply places us at the forefront of excellent spares service. Let’s face it, a brand as beautiful as Blakes deserves the very best after-market representation. 

Servicing As Usual 

Another productive day in our Safe & Found Servicing Dept. McMurdo 
& Kannad EPIRBs, PLBs and MOB AIS devices, all receiving the Spares Marine touch today. 
Our close working relationship with Orolia Maritime spans 20 years, remaining steadfast and mutually trusted. Have you checked your battery expiry dates recently? 
With the assurance of our "Accredited Servicing Agents" status and a super-fast turnaround, we'll help maintain your safety on the water. 
Now is the perfect time to pour some love on your safety beacon! Our "Safe&Found" servicing team get a huge kick out of renewing battery life or helping with re-programming / registration requirements. 

Icom Spares 

Spares Marine have enjoyed a great working relationship with Icom UK Ltd for many years.  
We hold a vast array of spares & accessories for this great brand, whether you're looking for Fixed or Handheld VHFs, PMR component parts or Aviation / Airband, we're here to help. 
August 2020 

Barton Winch Spares 

Spares Marine now hold Spares Kits for Barton’s 21210, 21211 & 21212 Winch models. 
All in stock with swift supply and helpful support. 
Just part of the great range of Barton spares here in Torquay, including blocks, deck hardware, tracks and travellers 

Kannad SafeLink SOLO GPS and Galileo GNSS PLB 

This fantastic PLB offers accelerated location detection with both GPS and Galileo GNSS receivers. MEOSAR compatible, used on land and sea to provide direct access to the world's Search and Rescue professionals via the COSPAS-SARSAT system, transmitting on the dedicated 406MHz frequency. 
The world's first multi-constellation PLB, the SOLO offers increased global detection coverage and precise location coordinates to accelerate the rescue process. Rugged casing for extra adventure! 

Confident Trading 

We're thrilled to have supplied our 30,000th customer this month! 
At a time of real uncertainty for many, Spares Marine remain confident and upbeat. Customer and Brand feedback tell us just how valuable our spares support is for those who need it. We look forward to continued searching, sourcing and supplying in the future, building bigger and better relationships along the way. The whole team are grateful to be able to say that it's very much "Business As Usual" here in the English Riviera. 
Need help finding that elusive spare part? 

Dometic Spare Parts 

Spares Marine have been experiencing increased enquiries for Dometic spare parts over recent weeks. 
Customers simply need to contact us with their model name and Product Number (PNC). This information can be found on the Dometic label located on their appliance like the one pictured. 
We have access to a wealth of exploded diagrams for current and discontinued models across the Dometic range. If the part exists, we can find it! 
March 2020 

Making A Splash! 

We're pleased to have received a great batch of lovely Barton stock. Blocks, Ball Bearings, Tiller Spares, Sheaves, Inspection Covers, Line Tamers.... lots of replaceable parts from this fabulous brand. 

We're Still Open! 

As an online based specialist company, we're still open! 
Our team continues to support a wide customer base with all spares requirements - sourcing and supplying with swift International shipping for a myriad of big hitting brands. 
Our thoughts remain with all of our fabulous friends and colleagues across the marine industry at this tricky time. Stay safe everyone. 

Harken Now In Stock! 

We've taken delivery of some lovely Harken stock this week. 
Deck Hardware & Winch Spares Kits now online: 

Feeling A Little Flat? 

As the Season picks up, is your handheld radio in good working order? 
Here at Spares Marine we have a huge supply of batteries to suit all models in Icoms Marine, Aviation & PMR ranges. 

February 2020 

McMurdo Product Expansion 

Spares Marine welcome McMurdo’s breaktHRU Hydrostatic Release Unit kits into stock. 
As we enjoy increasing development of EPIRB Servicing, our Safe & Found team are responding to customer need and offering extended spares and accessories support across this fantastic brand. 

Ocean Safety Training 

Great day at Ocean Safety this week - taking in some Lifejacket Awareness Training under the expert advice of Rose Pedersen. 
Our Lifejacket Spares coverage is about to receive a huge re-vamp - so watch this space. 
January 2020 

Up To Date Batteries? 

Have you checked the expiry dates on your McMurdo / Kannad PLBs, EPIRBs or MOB AIS devices? 
Our relationship with these great brands spans two decades and, as Accredited Servicing Agents we can offer servicing, programming and help with your registration queries. We also supply the popular user replaceable batteries for the PLB models shown here. 

Blakes, Lavac,Taylors Representation 

Spares Marine are brimming over after a lovely new Blakes, Lavac & Taylors delivery. 
We go back a long way with these fabulous brands - there's not much we can't help with when it comes to finding those elusive bits. Do you need assistance? 
Spares kits abound – cookers, heaters, toilets …. everything required to renew those perishable parts. 
Our promise? To keep you moving on the water... 

Icom Aviation / Airband Radio Spares 

Icom are the leading manufacturer of Aviation/Airband portable radio communications. Essential for safety, and ideal in power-loss situations, these products have established themselves as virtually standard kit with many flyers, from commercial airline flight crew to home build hobby pilots. 
Spares Marine are pleased to now list accessories for the Icom range of Handheld and Panel Mount Aviation radios. We’re already popular in flying circles with our Safe & Found PLB Servicing, so we’re delighted to increase our spares support for discerning pilots. 

Super Servicing! 

Another productive day in our Safe & Found Servicing Dept. McMurdo & Kannad EPIRBs & PLBs, all receiving the Spares Marine touch today. 
Our 20 year close working relationship with Orolia Maritime remains steadfast and mutually trusted. 
Have you checked your battery expiry dates recently? 
With the assurance of our "Accredited Servicing Agents" status and a super-fast turnaround, we'll help maintain your safety on the water.. 

Introducing new RYA Member Reward Partner Spares Marine 

The RYA is delighted to welcome Spares Marine, part of the Seafront Marine Group, to the RYA Member Reward Partner programme, offering exclusive offers and discounts to its 112,000 members. 
With an array of big hitting established brands such as Icom, Xylem, McMurdo, ACR, Blakes Lavac Taylors, Quick, Harken, Spinlock, Scanstrut, Dometic and Whale to name a few, members have access to a huge variety of products, alongside reliable and knowledgeable support and advice from the Spares Marine team. -----------------------------------------------Read Full Article on the RYA Site 

Spinlock - Product In Focus 

Sometimes it's the little things our customers crave, just like these Spinlock spares for EA & EJ Tiller Extensions. 
Replacement Tiller Retaining Clip, Swivel joint release Fastpin and Full Swivel Joint with Fastpin. 
All are in stock and available from Spares Marine. 

Aloha - Problem Solved! 

Check out our natty NMEA-0183 GPS GNSS Antenna. This one is leaving us today, and winging it's way to Hawaii. Ever wish you could hand deliver? 
These fabulous antennas are causing quite a stir. 
Available with RS-232 and RS-422 connections and full wiring diagrams, we also supply GPS AIS Antennas with RG58 coaxial cables. 
December 2019 

Spares Marine Welcomes Scanstrut 

Our Scanstrut spares support is in good shape! 
Stock coming soon to the beautiful English Riviera! 

“Jabsco stock lay round about, deep and crisp and even…” 

We’ve received our latest re-stocking order from the lovely team at at Xylem. 
Shelves are packed neatly, all ready for Christmas orders! 
Outlet valves make great stocking fillers! 

Harken Visit Spares Marine HQ 

Spares Marine were pleased to welcome David Brown from Harken to the English Riviera earlier today. 
Lots to discuss as we indulged in exploded diagrams together. (We know that sounds sad!) 
So impressed with this brand and thrilled that Harken are working with us to ensure great customer care and continued vital spares support. 

Turkey Anyone? 

Come on, who doesn’t love a good BBQ? 
It may be December, but these fabulous Magma Grills make short work of the biggest culinary challenges, from Turkey to sprouts, it’s all a doddle. Made of 100% 18-9 mirror polished stainless steel, this featured baby is the Magma A10-205CE-2 Kettle Grill. And while you’re at it, the 7-piece Magma Gourmet Nesting Cookware set keeps your cupboard space spick and span too. 
Magma offers the largest selection of mounting options and accessories, to customise your grill to your boat. 
All available at Spares Marine this Christmas. View our range here>> 

Icom Listings – Brand Spanking New 

Spares Marine are proud to show off our most extensive Icom spares & accessories portfolio yet. 
Our Marine coverage has grown, and we’ve also added parts for Private Mobile Radio users. We’re not done yet either! Great customer support is what it’s all about! The team here are looking forward to further developments as our growing partnership with Icom continues to make waves. 
Check out our new Icom representation here >> 
#icom #boating #sailing #marinevhf #pmr 
November 2019 

Scanstrut partners with Spares Marine 

Spares Marine are thrilled to welcome Scanstrut to our ever expanding family of brands. 
With great product focus on their impressive ROKK kits and components, plus extensive parts and accessories options across the Scanstrut range, we’ll be offering spares support through our knowledgeable team and swift, reliable International dispatch. 
We’re looking forward to partnering with Scanstrut in ensuring a great customer experience for all things “Spares!” Available SOON! 
#scanstrut #marineindustry #boating 

Quick Footswitches Going Down A Storm 

Lovely quantity of Quick Foot-Switches winging their way to a Tech Services company in Ireland today. Spares Marine's success in World Wide Web land does it again and our super swift couriers prove it's not such a "long way to Tipperary" after all! 
#Quick #marinespares #boats 

Partnership Is A Valuable Thing... 

We don't just choose our brands.... they choose us. 
Spares Marine has a great relationship with all of them, and that means we can draw on a huge wealth of knowledge if we can't find the solution a customer requires. 
We're delighted to be able to represent a vast array of spare parts for many familiar brands and don't forget, we constantly add to our portfolio, so if you can't find what you're looking for, contact us for further help. 
#marineindustry #boats #spareparts 
October 2019 

The Scariest Thing You Could See This Halloween! 

Nothing could be worse right? 
Stay Safe & Found with Spares Marine Battery Servicing. 
We're Accredited PLB, EPIRB & MOB AIS Device Service Agents. Isn't it about time to check your battery life status? 
Life's not so scary with Spares Marine ... We love keeping you safe at sea. 

Ditch The Head Scratching! 

We're a solution orientated company. 
Technical spares specialists for over a decade, we get a real kick out of sourcing elusive spare parts for boats. We're not like the vast array of box shifters out there in www. land. We really know our stuff. 
That's why our customers and the fabulous family of brands we represent, love what we do! 
Head scratching ... solved! 
#marinespares #boating #spareparts #marineindustry 

Our Icom Representation Is Growing 

We had a great time on our recent visit to Icom UK Ltd 
Thanks to Sam Taylor-Nobbs, Ian Lockyer and all the team, especially Virgil and Jamie. We're now heads down in coding and compatibility research - looking forward to expanding our Spares and Accessories representation with this fabulous, forward thinking company. These guys really know their stuff.... and their cakes are pretty good too! 
#marinespares #marinevhf #icom 

Spinlock Has Landed! 

At Spares Marine we love a new arrival to the premises. 
We're pleased to have received our first Spinlock spares & accessories stock delivery here in Torquay over the weekend. Now nicely tucked into their brand spanking new stock location, all that remains is for these handy parts to fulfill their Spinlock destiny! Over to you! 
#marinespares #spinlock #boating #marineindustry 

Product In Focus 

Icom FA-SC58V Antenna 150-174 MHz 
Part Code: FASC58V.001 
Antenna 150-174 MHz. Suitable for:- 
IC-M21 / IC-M23 / IC-M31 / IC-M33 / IC-M35 / IC-M3 EURO 
Worldwide Shipping 
#icom #marinespares #boating #marinevhf 

Product In Focus 

Quick FVSLRSB12220A00 
Replacement Heating Element - 1200W 220V 
This item comes complete with 2x washers and a replacement 200mm Magnesium Anode 
For the Quick B3, BX, BXS & Sigma range of Nautic boilers. 
Worldwide Shipping 
#Quick #marinespares #boating #calorifiers 
September 2019 

Spares Marine Re-Structures! 

After recent "power struggles" at Spares Marine headquarters, we decided to re-define our office roles with the addition of some brand spanking new desk signage. 
Now that we all know where we stand, we're pleased to announce that harmony has been restored to our happy environment! 
#happyfriday #marineindustry #boating 

Product In Focus 

When a product is worth shouting about we'll give the old vocal chords a good work out! We love iCom and their absolutely brilliant range of Marine Radio solutions. This little piece of kit is a smasher! 
iCom BC-173 Slow Desktop Charging Cradle. Charges BP-252 battery 
Power Supply Unit not included. Requires the BC-01, CP-23L, or CIGAR.001 lead. 
Suitable for: IC-GM1600E / IC-M33 / IC-M35 
#icom #marinespares #boating #marinevhf 

AIS MOB Devices NOW Receiving the Spares Marine Touch! 

Our first batch of commercial vessel or leisure craft AIS MOB devices have just completed a round of TLC from our Service Department. Spares Marine are pleased to now offer full servicing for the McMurdo Smartfind S20 and the Kannad Marine SafeLink R10. 
As accredited McMurdo Service Agents, we offer a super-fast turnaround, extending the battery life considerably. Our current batch expires in FEB 2027. Each unit is precisely sealed and tested, giving customers the valuable reassurance they need. 
Loving Keeping you Safe at Sea! 

There's Nothing Slow About Quick! 

This is Harley - he's the most influential member of the Quick UK team! We met him, and his owner Danielle, yesterday at the Southampton Boat Show (Ocean Hall - Stand J359) where we celebrated the launch of Quick UK together. Like Harley, Quick have been well established for many years now, but they're still as cutting edge and innovative as ever. With UK premises successfully up and running, more efficient access to readily available spares has been a huge bonus for us as we work in partnership, supporting loyal Quick customers. 
Needless to say, we're big fans! Spares Marine look forward to expanding our Quick portfolio further as we progress into the Autumn months... with Harley's approval of course! 

Making A Splash in Shore Based Maintenance! 

Already proving very popular among PLB customers including mariners, pilots and outdoor adventurers, Spares Marine are now offering EPIRB & MOB AIS servicing. 
“We’re delighted to be able to expand our skill-set into this important new area” says Steve Walker, Spares Marine General Manager. “The need to be safe at sea cannot be overlooked or taken lightly. We enjoy providing an efficient servicing experience, giving valuable reassurance to all of our customers.” 
Part of Seafront Marine Group, you can visit Spares Marine on stand B006 at @sotonboatshow to discover more. 
August 2019 

NMEA-0183 GPS GNSS Antenna with RS-232 Wired Connection 

Introducing the Spares Marine Solutions GPS GNSS Smart Antenna, with NMEA-0183 RS-232 connectivity. The end of the 30ft cable is cut, to make for easy connection to any GPS, Chartplotter, DSC Radio etc. with a NMEA-0183 RS-232 data input. Wiring couldn't be simpler and instructions are provided. 
#antenna #marineindustry #nmea0183 

Welcome Aboard Spinlock! 

Spares Marine are thrilled to show off our new replacement parts listings for Spinlock Control, Rope Holding & Deck Systems. 
#spinlock #marineindustry #sailing 

Get Set! Shortly Leaving the Blocks! 

Another fantastic new brand addition to the Spares Marine portfolio - We're just limbering up.... Spinlock is Coming Soon! 
#marineindustry #boating #deckhardware 
July 2019 

Making A Splash With Barton Blocks! 

Check out our lovely new representation from the Barton Block range. Spares Marine are thrilled to offer extensive coverage of the very latest offerings from Barton's impressive Deck Hardware catalogue. 
#marineindustry #sailinglife #boating 
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